About Us

Build Companion is here to help you build your new home with confidence.

Home building is a genuinely exciting journey, but there’s a lot to consider. It’s something most of us will do only once, which makes it a real challenge – and critically important – to get everything right.

Display homes often include features, fixtures and fittings that are ‘extras’, and ‘standard’ inclusions vary from builder to builder. Designer aspects such as stone benchtops, high ceilings, freestanding baths and floor-to-ceiling tiles are commonly only available as upgrades.

We’ve created our detailed inclusion checklists to make your home building journey simple and stress-free. They’re a handy guide to aspects that are often overlooked at the planning stage.

Across 11 categories – from site preparation and structural considerations to heating, cooling and data – our checklists support new home builders in prioritising and budgeting for extras when planning a new build.

Build Companion's inclusion checklists help new home builders tick all the boxes

  • Compare with confidence – there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ for standard inclusions, which can make it tricky to compare builders. Our checklists will help you ensure you’re comparing apples with apples.

  • Save money – making modifications after you’ve signed a contract can add tens of thousands of dollars to your build cost. In some cases, by the time you’ve realised something’s been overlooked, it may be too late to make a change.

  • Reduce stress – your home is your castle – and your most valuable asset. There’s a lot of pressure to ensure everything is perfect and your dream home is just as you imagined it. Our checklists help you tick all the boxes.

Starting using Build Companion's comprehensive inclusion checklists today to build the home of your dreams.